Director’s Statement

After more than 10 years in Melbourne's thriving property development industry, and securing a multitude of properties for just as many developers, I confess to being completely absorbed by the constantly-evolving space of Melbourne’s property development. From landing large-scale acquisitions to sales and beyond, I'm completely hooked. Melbourne offers so many exciting opportunities and, as the world’s most liveable city, rightly so. I’m a big advocate for urban development and would much prefer we build up rather than out, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy Melbourne’s many lifestyle benefits.

My passion for property extends from the broad-scale picture of Melbourne as a fabulously liveable city to the finer, finishing details of a new apartment or townhouse project. Housing is and will always be one of the most important aspects of people’s lives.

I love representing developments that people can really enjoy and feel proud to live in. With so many mundane projects that look the same as the one down the road being released, I challenge my clients to work with me in pushing the boundaries. I invite you to be part of Melbourne’s changing landscape. I want to hear your ideas and concepts when planning and designing projects – and I want to share mine. I also want to introduce you to the network of consultants and specialists I’ve worked closely with over the years so we can literally ‘think outside the box’ together. There’s a definite market for uniqueness, for apartments and townhouses with a wow factor that makes people stop, sit up and notice. Between that and our concerted focus on liveability rather than on sales, properties almost sell themselves.

When I see a potential redevelopment opportunity, I don’t see what is; I see what could be. I love being part of a creative project and seeing it come to fruition. I absorb myself in it in one way or another from start to finish. I see things through. I thrive on negotiating and structuring deals and chasing a win/win situation for all. With that in mind, my recommendation is, as always, to spend time getting it right from the outset. It will save time and money in the end and, as anyone in the industry knows, you’re only as good as your last project.

Thomas Walkley
Director Bourne Agents & Consultants
Licensed Estate Agent