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At Bourne Agents & Consultants, we thrive on urban development and have a sharp eye for identifying potentially lucrative development sites for Melbourne property developers.

We help discerning clients source, negotiate, structure and secure the purchase of suitable sites we as an agency wholeheartedly believe in.

Development Essentials

A consultancy built on strong relationships with qualified specialists, we assist in recommending the best project team for the task. Our hand-picked professionals can support clients throughout the entire process.

Our focus is always on building attractive foundations from the outset for attracting stronger sales down the track. We can also source A Grade tenants for any commercial space at this early stage.

Research / Design / Plan

While the ever-changing marketplace of Melbourne property development demands foresight, it also demands that inventive concepts, sales strategies and contingency plans be carefully built into a project’s design.

At Bourne Agents & Consultants, the Director is personally and actively involved in the research and design phase to ensure flexibility, responsiveness to market demand and optimal sales.

Sales and Marketing

With a focus on lifestyle and liveability in a city we love, Bourne Agents & Consultants work closely with a range of specialists to develop unique, sophisticated branding and marketing packages. Whether targeting investors or owner occupiers, downsizers and first home buyers depending on prevailing market conditions, we deliver the message powerfully, professionally and very attractively.


Unlike many others, we offer a comprehensive consultancy, support and liaison service from beginning to end to help you achieve smooth, successful settlements.

We like to see projects unfold from the initial spark of an idea through to people settling into the stylish homes we helped facilitate. We also work on a select, few projects at any one time so we can offer personalised, expert sales consultancy that attracts the best results.

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